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My Name About Me

Beckett felt that the best way to get to know him was by interviewing him, so here it is:

Hiya Beckett, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

B: Sure, ruff you want to bark about?

We just want to let all of your fans & friends know more about you.

B: R-ok.



George is a typical sweet boy dog. He has gone a bit hard of hearing and he is a very cautious but curious dog. George is what many would call nose driven. Its very cute what he does - Everything is inspected thoroughly by his nose first. He wont even eat food that you offer to him until he fully sniffs it. If he approves of...


Hollye is your happy and super sweet new family member who can't get enough snuggles no matter how hard you try! She is about 2 1/2 years old and only 20lbs, good with kids, house trained & even knows few tricks! Hollye is HW positive and we have started her treatment already. ~ Mima, foster mom

Updated 9/30/15

Charlie Tucker

Charlie Tucker is a handsome, energetic young guy who loves to run and fetch. He enjoys obedience work and is very food motivated during training. Jogging with him is a pleasure because of his enthusiasm, and he stops to mark infrequently. Hiking is probably his favorite activity, especially scrambling up boulders on the...


The story you are about to hear is a true story and it goes something like this... Freedom is a slippery thing. I'm a sweet little guy just out of the slammer. What were my crimes you ask? Too happy to be contained! I have a reputation. I'm something of an escape artist, always longing to belong to someone! Always searching... Now, safely in...


Hawk = Happy, Adventurous, Willing, Kind. It’s hard to sum up this dog with just one word, he is a fun-loving, free spirited king of guy.  Hawk is a handsome black cocker kid who is about 5 years old and as far as we can tell, has never met a stranger - human or otherwise. He loves to go for walks, sit by you on the couch and...


Sage is about 6 years old and is a puppy mill momma experiencing life outside a cage for the first time. She came to rescue with her friend, Rosemary. Sage is a pretty black & white parti girl who weighs about 25 lbs.

Rosie and Sage have been here with us in W TX for almost a month. They still break my heart. I've...


Angie is very cute, and follows me where ever I go. She is a very happy dog and loves attention. When I leave the house she whimpers. She does her little happy dance when I come home ( jumps around in a circle/ looks like chasing her tail). She is house trained and is very good at staying off the furniture. She is a very good...


Marcie is pretty, quiet and sweet and about 8 years old. More info as she settles in!

Updated 6/1/15


I’m Biscuit!  What can I say, other than I’m completely adorable!  I had a pretty wild hairdo when I moved into my foster home and they called me Rod Stewart.  Foster Momma said I needed a more respectable hairdo if I want to get adopted and boy do I want to get adopted.  So last week foster Momma took me to the groomers and...