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Seymour had a bit of a rough start at life, but with some love and TLC, he looks and feels like a brand new boy! Seymour is about 8 years old and would love to be part of an active, outdoorsy family. (Austin)


Truffle is a calm and relaxed older gentleman who would make a great companion for just about any sort of household. He is sweet with cats, kids, and other dogs and has great indoor manners. Truffle is 10-12 years old and would love a loving home of his very home with a cozy pillow to nap on, yummy meals, and lots of snuggle...


Allie is a gentle sweetheart who is doing much better after some good veterinary care and nutritious food! Now all she needs is some TLC at her foster home to help get her ready for her forever family. Allie is 2-3 years old.

Updated 1/29/15


Porter is a sweetheart! He's a bit shy... a soft and squishy sorta guy who needs a soft and squishy home. A lovey-dovey snuggle-buddy, for sure! Porter is about 4 years old. 

Porter is an anxious guy. He is sitting with me on the couch currently but mostly tries to hide and run away. He was a stray found in Roswell NM in...


Laurel is full of pep and as cute as they come. She's SO FAST. She's very birdy, and she told me "Wow Wow" today because I couldn't keep up with her. I know she's supposed to be 10 months, but she is still teething. She liked jumping up and nabbing my zipper pull and wanted to eat my hands. She didn't understand tennis ball....


April is a sweet 8-9 year old cocker spaniel - she's a very happy pup who has moderate vision in one eye and none in the other, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying life to the fullest! By sniffing her way around, she gets anywhere she needs to go! April is definitely a people puppy, and isn't overly fond of other dogs....


Courtesy Post: Steamer is a sweet old man. He's quiet and gentle, and completely blind. But don't let this fool you; this certainly doesn't stop him. 

Steamer, like a good ole steam-piston locomotive, walks at a good clip and does very well on a leash! He will walk head-on to walls (or curbs/fences) as...


Who's a GOOD dog? Freckles, that's who! Like most of our wonderful cockers, Freckles is excited to show off her skills! She LOVES to play ball, knows how to sit and be patient, waves good bye (hello?) and brings the ball back to my hand! What a great girl! Freckles is 8 years old, a pretty red and white girl whose former family...


Everly is such a sweet boy. He's a bit shy but is opening up nicely. He runs and plays well with foster brothers, Mickey and Grady. He follows me wherever I go and he likes to sleep on the bed with me. He has had no accidents in the house, and eats his food very well. He loves belly rubs and he allows me to love all over him....


Friday has a thick, curly, soft coat! He is a good eater and can respond to verbal commands. His eyesight is limited, but he doesn't let that stop him from enjoying the finer things in life. He loves lap-sitting and just loves being with people. His only maintenance requirements are eye and ear drops. Friday is good with other...