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Miss Shelby's favorite thing to do is snuzzle up in your arms and go to sleep. When she's not chasing balls, trying to get her foster siblings to play tag and shredding toilet paper in between scarfing down treats and slaying stuffies. She's a well rounded, lovely pup with soulful eyes and personality for days. Her mix is...


Melon is a sweet 7-8 year old lady just in from the shelter. More info and photos as she settles in!


April is a sweet 8-9 year old cocker spaniel - she's a very happy pup who has moderate vision in one eye and none in the other, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying life to the fullest! By sniffing her way around, she gets anywhere she needs to go! April is definitely a people puppy, and isn't overly fond of other dogs....


Gracie is a typical girl – a little bossy with a definite momma boss attitude. She keeps everyone in check. She is very obedient, but can be a little stubborn at times… in a very funny way. Some of her facial expressions are a crack up! She loves to give kisses, does not like to be picked up (she prefers all 4 feet on the...


Jenna is probably around 12 years old.  She came to rescue when her mom could no longer care for her. Her vision and sight aren't what they used to be -- which makes for long and peaceful naps with no bother from the other dogs in her foster home. Jenna has a beautiful sable colored coat and weighs approximately 25 pounds....


Rosemary is about 10 years old and is a puppy mill momma experiencing life outside a cage for the first time. She came to rescue with her friend, Sage. Rosemary is a pretty sable girl who weighs about 30lbs. 

Rosie and Sage have been here with us in W TX for almost a month. They still break my heart. I've sort of left...

Sadie Marie

Question: How do you spell "perfection"?

Answer: S-A-D-I-E

Usually I let my fosters tell their own story, but Sadie Marie is so humble that I thought she might not tell you just how wonderful she is. Therefore, I'd like to take this moment to brag a little.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do! The...


Paris is doing great, happy as she can be! She is such a good dog. She is smart, and minds very well. Perhaps she can teach my three a few things! We are working on house training, and that is almost complete. She loves her crate, it is her little bedroom, and goes in with no prodding from me. I looked around for her last night...


Porter is a sweetheart! He's a bit shy... a soft and squishy sorta guy who needs a soft and squishy home. A lovey-dovey snuggle-buddy, for sure! Porter is about 4 years old. 

Porter is an anxious guy. He is sitting with me on the couch currently but mostly tries to hide and run away. He was a stray found in Roswell NM in...


Rex is just in from the shelter and is currently in quarantine at our vet clinic. He will be available for adoption in about 3 weeks. Watch for more info and photos as he settles in. Rex is about 5 years old. 

Updated 2/18/15