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Millie sez... I've been working real hard to be the best girl I can be. I don't potty in the house and don't mind at all going out in the rain and get along well with my foster brothers. I really enjoy a stroll when it isn't too hot. Foster Mom says I am the best walker she has ever had! She is...


Darci has discovered that she likes her belly rubbed-- something that at first seemed unfamiliar to her! She is a sweet girl who loves to play with her ball and sprint around the yard feeling the sun shining on her pretty face. Darci is about 8 years old.


Tilda is doing wonderful! We crated her the first few nights and during the day when we left which she was not a fan of at all. And turns out it's clearly not necessary! A princess knows how to be on her best manners at all times  She didn't chew on anything nor did she have an accident! She would prefer to sleep on the bed...


Snuffy is doing FABULOUS!!! He is slowly figuring out the doggie door in the kitchen. He was excited for dinner and is an official member of the clean bowl club. I gave him a bath when we got home, so he's a little less yeasty smelling. It will take a bit for the infection to clear up. He was a champ in the car and in the bath...


Hi, I'm Scotty!! I'm a happy-go-lucky guy who loves to snuggle and wiggle my bottom. I love to meet new friends, socialize with old friends...hey, I just like friends!! And wiggling. And snuggling!! I'm about 7 years old and love my brother, Graham, too. He's the best!!


Memphis is a special boy who seems to be a great fit wherever he goes. He does well in social situations as a dog-about-town, but also loves hanging out at home with his foster family. Memphis is about 3 years old and has a nice medium level of activity. He is house trained and loves his apple snacks :)


Seymour had a bit of a rough start at life, but with some love and TLC, he looks and feels like a brand new boy! Seymour is about 8 years old and would love to be part of an active, outdoorsy family. (Austin)


Hunter knows "sit" and "no". He loves to chase toys and can't get enough petting. He has lots of energy. He likes to bark when his food bowl is getting filled, but stops when told "no". He is housetrained 95%. He rides well in a car. He is slow to warm up to strangers, but once he does, he's usually fine. He is protective of...


Brando is handsome, sporty, solid, and FUN. Brando has that certain va-va-VOOM that some young spaniels have!! He'd love to be THAT dog that jumps off the boat or dock to fetch the ball. Or THAT dog that jumps super high to catch the frisbee. He's all THAT!! Brando is 3-4 years old. 



Fiona wanted to let everyone know her thoughts on having been rescued by Cocker Rescue of Austin/San Antonio:   1.  I've learned what it feels like to be safe from abuse and neglect.  2.  I've learned that I will always be fed twice a day and have all the water I can drink.  3.  That many people actually love black dogs  4. ...