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I’m Biscuit!  What can I say, other than I’m completely adorable!  I had a pretty wild hairdo when I moved into my foster home and they called me Rod Stewart.  Foster Momma said I needed a more respectable hairdo if I want to get adopted and boy do I want to get adopted.  So last week foster Momma took me to the groomers and...


I’m Berry and my foster mom says I'm a perfect gentleman! My previous life was a bit unstable and some of my medical needs had not been taken care of. How lucky was I to be picked for rescue and am now receiving lots of care & attention.



Bradley is a sweet little boy just in from the valley. Stay tuned for more info and photos as he settles in!

Updated 8/26/15


Belmont (or Monte as his friends call him) is a real winner's circle kinda guy! He's 45 lbs of happy-to-be-alive sprocker (cocker/springer spaniel mix) who survived 6 months alone in the badlands of west Texas. He is a very good boy. Happy, friendly & confident. Gets along well with other dogs & is just fine with cats....


Hi, I'm Morgan. They tell me I'm about 4 yrs old, but I'm very puppy like.  I'm silly and goofy sometimes - maybe that's the cavalier in me coming out? My mom adopted me from CSRA 4 yrs ago, but she just had a shoulder replacement and since I pull so much on the leash, the doctor and therapists think it would be safer for her...


Three-year-old Barney is a wonderful shade of red mixed with golden hues. Did you know that the color red is associated with survival, sensitivity and love? Barney's story was one of survival on the streets of Boerne. He is a congenial but sensitive fellow that loves the company of other dogs and cats but is a little shy with...


Charles is a sweet little boy. No problems with eating; loves his kibble and is extremely fond of treats. He goes potty very well but prefers to have someone with him when he's outside, or else he will promptly come back in without having truly gone potty. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, and of course, he loves belly rubs....


Beckett felt that the best way to get to know him was by interviewing him, so here it is:

Hiya Beckett, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

B: Sure, ruff you want to bark about?

We just want to let all of your fans & friends know more about you.

B: R-ok.



Hi, my name is Joy and I really like living with foster family but mama says that a forever home is even better! Can you imagine?! Have you heard about such a place - "forever home?" What's it like there? Mama says it is a place where I will be spoiled & pampered & loved unconditionally for the rest of my days. Gee, I...


Seymour is 10-11 years old and is friendly, loveable and likes all people and children. His new home should be one where he is the only dog (possibly one more small one) and has a yard with a wooden 6' privacy fence. Seymour likes being active and enjoys trips to the park. However, he does have some social issues with other...