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Puffy is a chill kind of guy who is very friendly with people, including kiddos, and other dogs. He's a smart fellow - enjoys exploring and developed a game to entertain himself - he calls it "Tossing June bugs." The bugs may not think it's so funny but Puffy love it!

Puff has a lot to say and can be very vocal, singing...


Prince is about 4 years old and 35 lbs and is just in from the San Antonio shelter. Stay tuned for more info and photos as he settles in!

Updated 4/26/16


Hi. My name is Hunter and I am about 4 yrs old. I love to play with toys, go for walks and to be petted. I respond to the words “sit”, “come”, “down” and “stay” and am learning new things all the time. I am housetrained and can stay loose in the house or in a crate if needed. I do have anxiety and fear issues, but I could adapt...


Rusty is a precious pup just in from the valley.  He is about 16 months old, is house trained, and seems to love everyone he meets. Watch for more info and photos as he settles in!

Updated 6/25/16


Foster is a sensitive and loving guy who loves to be with his family. He is house trained and enjoys the company of other dogs, cats, and kids of all ages. He LOVES to run, play with his toys, and enjoys visits to the park. Foster would like to live in a home where someone is usually nearby to keep him company. He is 4 years...


Hi There! My name is Sir Winston and I’m a little prince. Foster Mom says I come from good “genes” since I’m both cute and super smart!. Just check out my eyelashes and freckles and you’ll agree. I’m wearing my sleek shaved down summer coat right now and I look pretty good this way. Mom says I’d be just as cute with my coat a...


Dulce…as her name implies in Spanish, French, Italian…it translates to ‘sweet,’ and she is that and more. A good-natured senior at nine years old (did you know the average cocker lifespan is 13-15 years, and we know plenty who live far longer!), Dulce is happy to be with her person and easy to get along with. She’s new to us,...


Wilma is a petite red-haired gal who is friendly, happy, and cuddly. Watch for more info and photos as she settles in!

Updated 6/23/16


Charles is a sweet little boy. No problems with eating; loves his kibble and is extremely fond of treats. He goes potty very well but prefers to have someone with him when he's outside, or else he will promptly come back in without having truly gone potty. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, and of course, he loves belly rubs....

Lady Day
One Gloomy Sunday, I was singin' the Blues. Why Was I Born? I wondered...I was Moanin' Low an thinkin' Everything Happens to Me...but...Isn't it amazing What a Little Moonlight Can Do? Blue Moon looked over my shoulder said Everything Happens for the Best and I...