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Victor is a handsome 8-year-old, 26 lbs boy who is just settling in to his foster home. Stay tuned for more info and photos as he settles in!




Jackson is about 9 years old and is an adoption return from 2007. Stay tuned for more info and photos as he settles in!

Updated 4/26/16


Hi everybody!! My name is Berkley and I was rescued by some kind people from a hoarding situation. They said I was found with several other dogs but I’m not quite sure as you see, my vision isn’t the best. I don’t let that stop me though, it may take me a little longer to get to where I am going and may run into some things at...


Beckett is big lovable lug of a guy who is perfect in a crate and very good in the house. He's an extremely lovable dog, excellent with his house training habits, loves riding in the car, and likes short walks but does pull on the leash. Beckett is one of the most loving cockers I have ever been around; he wants to be with his...


They call me Samson and I'm a spanador - a cocker spaniel & labrador retriever mix. I don't love casually, when I love it's my whole heart on display. It's all I have and everything I know, handed over to you like a gift... and I hope you unwrap it gently. I'm not open to many people. I'm...


Puffy is a chill kind of guy who is very friendly with people, including kiddos, and other dogs. He's a smart fellow - enjoys exploring and developed a game to entertain himself - he calls it "Tossing June bugs." The bugs may not think it's so funny but Puffy love it!

Puff has a lot to say and can be very vocal, singing...


Hi I'm Jeremy

I'm a Cocker Spaniel looking for my forever home. I've had it kind of rough so far in 2016 but CSRA is helping me get back on my feet. I don't know what to tell you first so I'll just start by telling you that foster Momma says I'm the sweetest dog she has ever met. I like to be by her side and love it...


Here's how our evening conversations go:


Hello Texas peeps! My name is Bodie & unlike some of these furbies, I am the Independent type. My family left me alone much of the time & I had to learn to fend for myself. Eventually they just gave me to my vet who thought a hunk like me deserved a second chance at love. So here I...


Dulce…as her name implies in Spanish, French, Italian…it translates to ‘sweet,’ and she is that and more. A good-natured senior at nine years old (did you know the average cocker lifespan is 13-15 years, and we know plenty who live far longer!), Dulce is happy to be with her person and easy to get along with. She’s new to us,...