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Eleanor is a very sweet lady. She is not a morning "person" at all, but by noon she perks up and is active. She is house trained with no accidents when given a potty break every 4-6 hours and she never barks or vocalizes. She is very easy to take care of and to love! Eleanor is about 10 years old and is very good with other...


Truluck is a wonderful combination of energy and cuddles. He loves to go outside and catch a tennis ball you throw at him, and he also loves being a little lap dog on the couch with you. He is crate trained but would much rather show you he can be as quiet as you need him to be a long as he can sit right next to you. He...


Dillon is approximately 3-5 years of age. He gets along well with other dogs, cats, & kids. He loves going for walks and does well walking companionably with his fur foster sister, though he'll need some training with pulling. He is house trained, only having had one accident since joining his foster family. He has medium...


Oscar is a snuggle bunny who gives and asks for just the right amount of attention. He's independent yet loving. He's great on a leash and loves car rides but usually falls asleep after a few minutes--he's used to having a chauffeur. He has a good level of energy but sleeps most of the day on his favorite sofa chair. He's a...


Joe is only 24 pounds, but he’s big on love and affection. He’s the perfect size for your lap and has a beautiful soft, curly black coat. Joe is house trained and has very good indoor manners. Although he gets along with other dogs okay, he'd love to be only dog in the family.

Since I don't know for sure when he was born...


This handsome guy is Elway. He would like a home where his people are home most of the time to keep him company. He is house trained and loves everyone. Elway is about 5 years old. He is very sweet and enjoys cuddling and being petted. He is doing great with us but is still very shy with people he doesn't know. He was shy with...


Ross is house trained and gets along with other dogs and with cats, too. He is extremely laid-back and quiet and would like be okay with children also. Ross likes to be petted and will sit quietly with you while you watch TV. Ideally, he would like a quiet home with someone who just wants to be his best friend. Ross would be...


Beckett felt that the best way to get to know him was by interviewing him, so here it is:

Hiya Beckett, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

B: Sure, ruff you want to bark about?

We just want to let all of your fans & friends know more about you.

B: R-ok.



Baxter and Rosie are cute and cuddly to no end. I would hope that they are placed together because they are inseparable. They love people and won't leave my side for long.  They are very loving and will jump up for attention and cuddling. It is very hard to ignore them when they jump because they are so cute. I see them doing...


Queenie is a super-fantastic senior girl with so many wonderful and endearing traits that we decided to narrow it down to the top 5!

1) Queenie's best friend is an overstuffed cushion in my closet!

2) She...