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Buddy is a sweetheart who wants nothing more than to be loved on and cuddled. He is very playful outside and loves the pool in his foster mom's back yard. His easy-care field coat suits his sporty style to a T. He chases toys that are thrown, but doesn't have the "fetch" part down yet. :-) Buddy is a big, friendly boy who loves...


Loveable Landon is a 5 yo cockapoo who has a sweet demeanor, calm personality, and loves being loved! Landon likes to know where his people are at all time. He's quite the little shadow! Landon doesn't mind going outside in the yard and loves chasing the ball. Not quite a pro at playing fetch but has great potential to learn....


Turtle is an absolute sweetheart of a dog, can't imagine any family not adoring him!! He loves to be loved and "purrs" when you nuzzle his head. Although he didn't feel very good when he first came to rescue, he has been in good spirits and has fit right in. He quickly learned to "perform" on queue for treats. All I have to do...


Clyde is Bonnie's baby boy and sidekick. We think they are cockapoos. Clyde is 1-2 years old and has lots of happy puppy energy. Watch for more info and photos as he settles in!

Updated 9/27/14


Who's a GOOD dog? Freckles, that's who! Like most of our wonderful cockers, Freckles is excited to show off her skills! She LOVES to play ball, knows how to sit and be patient, waves good bye (hello?) and brings the ball back to my hand! What a great girl! Freckles is 8 years old, a pretty red and white girl whose former family...


Courtesy Post: Madison (or Madi) is a much loved six-year-old chocolate and white boy with some brown ticking to his paws. He is neutered, just had a heartworm negative test at the vet this August, and is currently on both heartworm and tick and flea preventive medications. He can take a while to warm up to strangers, but once...

Boston Bean

Hi, I'm Boston Bean and my foster mom says I am a very good boy. I'm totally house-trained, I'm quiet unless something really needs to be announced, I'm not destructive and I stay calmly behind a baby gate when Foster Mom's at work.  Most likely I will do equally well in a crate and, since I have such good house manners, she...


George is a typical sweet boy dog. He has gone a bit hard of hearing and he is a very cautious but curious dog. George is what many would call nose driven. Its very cute what he does - Everything is inspected thoroughly by his nose first. He wont even eat food that you offer to him until he fully sniffs it. If he approves of...


When volunteer, Lynn, first met Sebastian at the Temple shelter, the look in his eyes seemed to say, "Please rescue me... I just want to belong to someone..." Sebastian is a quiet, sweet and loving little guy who is about 4 years old and weighs in at 24 lbs. Sebastian's foster dad says, "Sebastian is delightful. He is very...


Beckett felt that the best way to get to know him was by interviewing him, so here it is:

Hiya Beckett, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

B: Sure, ruff you want to bark about?

We just want to let all of your fans & friends know more about you.

B: R-ok.