Hello, it’s Jesse. I wanted to write and tell you that Foster Mom and I are both back from our vacation and rested. I had a really fun time with all the kids and extra dogs I got to meet. I’ve attached my favorite vacay pic. I think we must... be related because we have the same color hair and the same happy disposition.I’ve got it great over here with foster mommy but she says I have too much love to give and I’m good with kids so I have to spread myself around a little. I pretty much lean into any kid I meet and then roll over completely in submissive mode waiting for love. Kids have all the best smells and they’re always leaving food on the floor but I never take it out of their hands. Heck, I don’t even mind if they reach in my doggie bowl and take some of mine. I never dart the door so if they open it I just wait by your side for my directions.I’m pretty much perfect. Mommy says I’m a bit of a clepto-something. But I don’t chew. I just take a flip flop or sock and put it into my bed so I never feel alone. I guess if I have ONE teeny tiny fault it is that I really can’t stand being alone. Someone who is around a lot, or has another doggie that really really likes to play would be ideal for me. I was alone in the Klink for 3 months and well, I’m pretty much over that! - Jesse


Date Adopted: 
Sunday, March 31, 2013