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Shay enjoying Springtime in Texas :)


Alum Chelsea is napping before her big job today! We are going to bake vegan dog treats for an animal sanctuary benefit. Her job is taste tester! When we did this last week, she excelled at her job!! She is game to help her friends at the sanctuary! ~ Marcie

 (updated April 1, 2016)

CSRA/SA alum Betty finally did it:#TongueOutTuesday AND bluebonnets. ~ Conna

 (Updated April 1, 2016)

Happy Easter from alum Chelsea 

 (updated April 1, 2016)

Happy Easter from alum Freddy!

 (updated April 1, 2016)

Finally, I got Izzy to slow down for pic in the bluebonnets. There are some advantages to an aging hyper pup. smile emoticon Kathy

 (updated April 1, 2016)

Happy Adoptaversary, Riley!! I can’t believe it’s been two years since we made that trip from New Mexico to Austin to meet Riley (fka Lovejoy). We are more in love with him every day.Riley is a very serious little guy....he has his moments of silliness of course, but for the most part, he’s predictably serious. In this photo he’s surrounded by a few of his favorite things, his Kong, his little stuffed teddy bear (w/ears chewed off), & his ever-present squeaky tennis balls. We were hurting very badly when we went hunting for a replacement Cocker after we lost our 16-yr old Cocker,...

Truluck playing with his Xmas donut squeaky 

 (updated April 1, 2016)

Alum, Morgan :)

 (updated April 1, 2016)smile emoticon

Just sharing a fun picture of alum Layla (fka Sierra), she often peeks her head in the doggie door when she realizes her departure outside may have been a little premature! heart emoticon Leslie (updated April 1, 2016)