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CSRA/SA alums Hank and Bella (fka Henrietta) went to Lucky Dog Pet Grooming yesterday for a haircut. They had a nice walk after after, and now they are napping in style. 

 (added 01/21/16)

Our Beautiful Ms. Angie is ready for her car ride, we adopted her at the CSRA reunion in October. ~

 (added 01/21/16)

Connor is doing very well here in Australia. Loving the birds! Cheers! ~ 

 (added 01/21/16)

Thank you for matching me with Layla (fka Ava). She's doing wonderfully and I couldn't love her more!


(added 01/21/16) we see the wild Russett in his natural (and preferred) environment. Don't wake him. He's recharging....Seriously though - Russett's new family sent us this pic of him lounging in his home in Santa Fe. 

This past year has flown by! My sweet Hunter has settled in with us nicely and gets along great with the family dogs. He is quick to train and learn, and will do whatever it takes to get a treat. My favorite "trick" from him is when he gives me "hugs". He discovered a few months ago that he can reach up to the counter top by standing on his hind legs, so we learned quickly that all food and paper has to stay away from the edges! I haven't had a cocker before that loved to eat and destroy paper as much as he does (including two $20 bills a couple of weeks ago), but where would the adventure...

Adoption Pupdate!! Dr Williams is very happy with the progress Ainsley has made... she's even growing hair on her belly! We've discovered some grain free food options that she likes (as well as her brothers) so the transition has been fairly easy. Ainsley continues to have issues with itching, but Dr Williams thinks that Mountain Cedar season and the cold air could be contributing. We're going to keep her on the same regimen (adding a soothing/moisturizing oatmeal bath 3-4 days after her medicated bath). ~ Denise

(updated 01/15/16)

I've been meaning to update you on my girls. They are doing great. They get lazy sometimes and don't go outside to potty but they get very excited when I come home to no accidents and they get treats. I get my hair cut every 5 weeks and they get bathed too. The groomer said Princess is very protective of Jasmine and watched closely when they take her out to be bathed. They sleep with me every night. I'm attaching a picture I got of them recently. Last Friday when I picked them up from groomer my co-workers wanted to meet them. They ran through the halls checking everything out. My co-...

Cute Penny (fka Alice) update: We could not be more in love with our cockerkid! She is the absolute perfect fit for our little family.



(updated 01/13/16)


Happy Adoptiversary to Batey:We were just talking about it being almost a year since Batey joined the family. She is an absolute joy. She loves Archie, her fur brother. She is most closely bonded with my husband. She is his shadow.

They take daily walks to the park and regular naps in the chair. Thank you for the wonderful work of Cocker rescue.


(updated 01/13/16)