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Hi friends...I just wanted to give you an update on things in my world. I have been doing pretty good lately as foster Mom has reduced my steroid medication a bit lower, which has helped a little with my mobility issues. Being on steroids for the rest of my life, the loss of strength in my back-end is a side effect of the drugs. I wish I didn't have to take them, but being severely immune compromised, along with allergies and blindness, they allow me to have a quality of life that I didn't have before. My specialist doctors have tried many, many different things, but this is what is working.

I have a short summer cut and that keeps me nice and cool. I just love the air conditioning and fans. I do not like the heat...uggg. How do you stay cool? Do you get a short summer cut too? Foster Mom likes to wear flip-flops and shorts when it is hot outside.
There is one thing that we enjoy doing outside. We like to check on the garden to see how may caterpillars and butterflies are enjoying the plants. Sometimes the lizards go into the garden too. Oh...and a couple of times there were some slithering creature called snakes. Foster Mom is not happy about them, but they were harmless ones, thank goodness!
~ Mirabella

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Date Adopted: 
Monday, December 10, 2012