Success Stories

My Name About Me
Sugar is Awesome!

Update on Sugar adopted 3 yrs ago. She is an awesome girl. She is the leader and "peacemaker" in our group. She adores my son and all the kids who come over. We feel lucky she is part of our family! Cockers rule!! ~Marcia

Keeping the Faith

Tula (aka Faith) is doing well. We just finished a four state road trip to see our family! She behaves very well in the car. She likes to snoop and know what everyone is working on. She has learned several new tricks - sit, lay down, stay, paw, rollover, and we are currently working on not...

Visions of Sugarplums

My two boys, Dobie and Hunter, are being so good this evening in hopes of St. Nick's speedy arrival! ~Roland

dobie christmas
Holiday Greetings from Betty Cocker

Betty Cocker sends special holiday greetings to CSRA. She's an indispensable part of the family. She loves shaking her toys, going for walks, cuddling on the couch, and even playing with her "nephew", Mac the terrier who is spending the holidays with us....

Tuxedo Junction

Merry Christmas from Jen and the Black and White boys: Ernie Nottacocker, Roscoe Izzacocker, and Jake Jaegger. Hope 2012 treats everyone well!

Ernie, Roscoe, Jagger
Merlin's Magic

Merlin (aka Scout) and his sisters pose for their holiday portrait. ~Grace

scout pup home
Waiting for Santa

Buster (aka Frodo) with his sister, Jessie, on Christmas. ~Tamara

frodo home
Chevie's Favorite Pasttime

CRSA alum, Chevie, and I have been at my parents in Austin all week for the holidays and she follows our family Cocker around like a little duckling, it's so sweet! She has discovered the bird feeder on my parent's deck and sits at the window ALL day just...

chevie home
Just Beachy

Lady (aka Henna) spent a few days before Christmas in Port Aransas. She loved walking on the beach and all the birds. If only she could free herself from the leash and chase those little sandpippers. ~Marilyn

henna beach
Brooks Family Christmas

Merry XMAS! Just sharing some shots of the pups tonight winding down for the evening. They had a big day today and are a little tuckered out. More fun tomorrow with lots of friends and family. YAY - more toys and treats! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. ~Diane, Coby, Bailey, Shay,...