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Rock On! Chanel!

Adpoption Pupdate!! Chanel is doing very well. We went to Petsmart today and got her hair done! She wanted to be a little rebellious this time and went with a pink Mohawk!!! Things are going great!!! ~ Riley

 (updated 05/01/16)

Ginger (fka Susie)

Adoption Pupdate!! Ginger (fka Susie) hanging out with granddaughter Alex. Ginger loves her life here. And we think she is the perfect dog!!! ~ Pam

  (updated 05/01/16)

Ladybug ADOPTED!!!!

ADOPTED & ADORED!! Congratulations to Ladybug and Lovey and to their wonderful forever families!! Wishing all a very happily ever after......

  (updated 05/01/16) heart emoticon

Pupdate: Yoda (fka Lucky)

Yoda (fka Lucky) Adoption update:Thank you so much for reaching out/checking in. I actually just tagged the organization in my "adoptiversary with Yoda" facebook post. My, how time flies when you're having fun!! Yoda and I are still getting along like two peas in a pod. I remember that I hadn't...

Red Collar Cocker Alum - Bella fka Joy

I would never hesitate to foster or adopt a blind dog. Bella (fka Joy) is more playful than my sighted dogs. And forget about age - it is truly just a number! After a nice walk around the block this evening, some major cuddling & sweet kisses, she got her second wind at 9:30pm!


Red Collar Cocker Alum - Graham

Graham's Two Month Anniversary!!

Graham has been with us for two months now, and he says the food is good, sleeping spots are great and the companionship is not bad either. Therefore he has committed to a long-term contract. He did this while laying in my lap as I sat in his ‘Lazy Boy’...

Alum Timmy

Oh how I love this lil'pupboy... Timmy... Hard to believe he rescued me 3 years ago...time has flown ! ~ Dana

 (updated 05/01/16)

Hi it's me, Mr. Charple (fka Charlie Tucker)

Adoption Pupdate!! First I have to admit I have spoiled Mr. Charple (fka Charlie Tuker) so much, he is a such sweet and adorable boy, I can't help but love him! He is very quiet at home, most of the time sleeping on the soft bed or couch next to me. He likes to look out of windows barking at...

Bookends, Max and Gizmo

My bookends just chilling on a gloomy day. Max on left & Gizmo on the right. Gizmo has been such a joy since his adoption and is definitely making himself at home. ~ Lori

 (updated 05/01/16)

Cash fka Nicky

Adoption Pupdate!! Please tell everyone involved in saving Cash (fka Nicky) that he is very happy, energetic, and loving. He is very loyal to me and him and Sam play which is sweet to watch because Sam is older. He's plumped up too! And I just love love love him! ~ Amanda

 (updated 05/01/...