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Pupdate: Levi

Adoption Pupdate on Levi: You can see that he loves to cuddle. He also loves our big back yard. As soon as we open the door he runs out to do perimeter checks, you know making sure there isn't a squirrel or bird running around his yard. It's really cute.




Pupdate: Marsha

ADOPTED & ADORED!! Everything is going great with Marsha! We've really clicked and I can't imagine life without her! I've gone with the name Millie for her. It seems to fit ;) ~ Gwyn


Pupdate: Mattie (fka Darcy)

Adoption Pupdate!! Mattie (fka Darcy) loves running around the backyard and going to the ranch but she also loves her lazy snuggle time!! Such a lovebug. She's very much attached to me and doesn't like when I leave so a lot times I take her with me to work. She loves Kyle too as you see. He...

Pupdate: Lily and Levi (fka Cookie and Brownie)

Adoption Pupdate!! These two are really lovin' their new home. They truly are the best little pups. We love them dearly. One big, happy family. PS: that is Lily (fka Cookie) on squirrel, bird and gecko patrol. She is infatuated with the backyard. Levi (fka Brownie) is still the big brother and...

Pupdate: Ted-E-Bear (fka Hawk)

Adoption Pupdate!! Just letting you know Ted-E-Bear (fka Hawk) (at right) is a happy camper in Kerrville. He is such a sweet, gentle love. He is a toy destroyer if there is a squeaker to be found. Once the squeaker has been taken care of he carries them around like his baby. ~ Ellen


Pupdate: Sundance (fka Camo)

Adoption Pupdate!! Not sure what Sundance (fka Camo) loves most: being next to the boat driver, being the 'legal' observer of the skier or is just a happy boat dog, but we can't get the boat out of the dock without him. He has not learned to bark when the skier 'falls down' but am sure he will...

Happy Birthday Paris!!

This little cutie turned 1 today! My fur baby with so much energy, that gets into everything. But no matter what she's into, I can't help but put the BIGGEST smile on my face everytime I look at her ... she's so cuuuuute! Happy Birthday Paris (fka Jewel)!!! And thank you CSRA. I can't imagine my...

Pupdate: Bandit (fka James)

Adoption Pupdate!! James is wonderful!! I renamed him Bandit. He makes my days bright :) I took him to the groomers, he is less shaggy than the last time you saw him, haha! ~ Sarah


Pupdate: Fletcher

Adoption Pupdate!! Fletcher is doing great and changing a bit every day. He sleeps off and on from early morning until about 5P and then he gets ready to be more active. He knows when he has had enough activity and just gets real quite. He is a real “sleepy head” in the mornings and hard to wake...


7 Year Adoptaversary!! Seven years ago today, this guy came to our house for a sleepover. He sniffed out every inch of our house, drank out of a toilet, and claimed his favorite chair all in our first few minutes with him. He hasn't been feeling like himself the past month or so but is starting...