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Alum Ralphie

Alum Ralphie is unsure about the flower crown. Mayday, mayday! Hah! 

 Updated 06/02/16

Pupdate: Mr Darcy

Happy Adoptaversary, Mr Darcy!! Around 4 years ago today, this little man came home with me from a doggy event where Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio where attending. I was going to meet another fur baby when I spotted Mr.Darcy (was known then as "Tyler" at the time). He seemed...

Pupdate: Scout (fka Badger)

Adoption Pupdate!! Our sweet Scout (fka Badger), ready to play! He is such a great, happy boy and all settled in after a little over 2 months :) ~ Grace

Updated 06/02/16

Pupdate: Ryker

Look who came to visit me!! Sweet little Ryker. I don't know how many of you remember him, but he is our miracle boy, recovering from distemper, hip fracture and skin issues. Sandy is the real hero for taking him after a month with me, but I still fell in love, and it was a wonderful afternoon...

Pupdate: Baloo Bradley with Tempest and Papa Wayne.

ADOPTED & ADORED!! I have some bad news for the Austin CockerSpaniel Rescue. You will not be getting this amazing little boy back! He is all mine! This little fur baby has found his fur-ever home! Myself and Tempest have fallen in love with him and couldn't even think about parting ways with...

Pupdate: Fallon

Adoption Pupdate!! Fallon is doing well after her eye surgery. There were a few rough patches where her eye pressure was really high, which unfortunately caused her some retinal damage. Although her eyesight is not as good and we had hoped it could be, she still continues wiggling that little...

Pupdate: Boo-Boo (fka Lexi and her happy Mom!!

ADOPTED & ADORED!! I wanted to send this picture of Boo-Boo (fka Lexi). We have had a great weekend! More walks, no accidents, she even slept in my Dads lap tonight. We are a happy family!!! ~ Nancy

 (updated 06/02/16)

Pupdate: Mattie (fka Darcy) with Mom and Dad.

ADOPTED & ADORED!! Mattie (fka Darcy) We love her so much!!! She is warming up to us. She follows me around everywhere. She is the calmest dog I've ever met, but I think with time she will have more energy. She's a love and has found her forever home. ~ Caroline & Kyle

 Updated 06...

Pupdate: Gizmo

Adoption Pupdate!! Took the boys to the lake (Gizmo's first time). Gizmo did well, he doesn't seem to get as excited as Max but he had a good time. Got him to swim a bit. ~ Lori Updated 06/02/16      


Pupdate: Keller

DOPTED & ADORED!! We Love our Keller!!!!!! He is a keeper for sure. Gets along with all of us. Cat with no eyes, our dog Axle and our outside kitty too. Oh also our 2 year old granddaughters. Thank you for letting us be his new FOREVER HOME. ~ Susan & Tony

 Updated 06/02/16