Adoptable Dogs

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Attention All Couch Potatoes! Introducing the perfect loyal and loving companion – Pepsi. He’s an adorable eight-year-old who would love to cuddle for hours on end with his head in your lap. Pepsi is easy to care for, is super affectionate, and is great with other dogs and children. He has a great appetite and is the least picky eater you’ll ever meet. Although he’s blind, he gets around the house like a champ and is especially adept at finding where you keep the doggy snacks. He doesn’t like to be left alone or put in a crate. He’s just a low-maintenance snuggle bear who’ll want to be near you all the time. Check out Pepsi and meet your new best friend. Interested in adoption? Please note that we are not accepting out of state (Texas) applications at this time. You can find our application at
Adult, Male, Small