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Adoption Application

Welcome to the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio (CSRA/SA) adoption application!! Please complete all information and then hit the “Submit” button at the end of the page.

Once your application is on file with us, all you need to do is to bookmark the available dogs page then email or call when a dog is posted who is of interest to your family and whose stated needs you meet. Tell us the name of the dog(s) in which you are interested and also that you have an application on file. Applicants who have been pre-approved to adopt and are waiting for a rescued cocker spaniel are normally given preference over those who newly contact us (all things being equal).

By submitting your application you agree and understand that cocker spaniels are house dogs and are not to be housed outdoors or left outside anytime when an adult is not home and able to supervise them. If any of your responses are not true, CSRA/SA reserves the right to confiscate any dog. Families who adopt from CSRA/SA agree to provide the dog with proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, training, medical care, companionship and humane treatment at all times. CSRA/SA is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into any household. We reserve the right to refuse any person or persons from fostering or adopting a dog from our organization.

One of the challenges we encounter, as word gets out about our amazing dogs, is that we often get busy with lots of applications. This is a good thing! However, all this pup-ularity has given us new challenges to deal with. For example, in some cases, we may have multiple requests for one dog. When this happens, we still want to find the best match for the dog, so we will screen all the applicants before making a decision. We will put a hold on new applications once we’re confident a good match is in the group.

Of course, the best homes would know getting a dog is not a decision to rush into. On our end, we are careful to make a good match, but we want to help our dogs get into their forever homes as soon as they’re ready. With more applications, this just takes a little longer. If you are interested in adopting, please be patient with us through this process, so we can make the best decision for the dog.

And one more thing, we do have lots of dogs… so when applying to adopt, please take a look at them all and consider there may be more than one “right” dog in the mix for you. Spread the Love!  Thank you for your support.

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