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CSR Angels

Did you know that monthly giving is a great way to support CSRA/SA? The CSR Angels is a group of dedicated friends like you who make monthly gifts that provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more resources on our lifesaving programs, and less on raising the necessary funds. Members like it because it’s easy to budget and it feels great to be making a difference for the cocker kids every month of the year.

In 2023, we’re offering the following incentive gifts to all new CSR Angels members (while supplies last):

  • $10 level – CSR Angels Sticker and CSR Angels Collapsible Travel Bowl
  • $25 level – CSR Angels Sticker, CSR Angels Collapsible Travel Bowl, and CSR Angels Foldaway Tote
  • $50 and up – CSR Angels Sticker, CSR Angels Collapsible Travel Bowl, CSR Angels Foldaway Tote, and 2024 CSRA/SA Calendar

If you’re already a CSR Angel and increase your giving to the next higher level beginning in August 2023, you too can receive an incentive gift as a thank-you for your generosity. **Please send an email to woof@austincockerrescue.org after you set up your monthly CSR Angels donation or increase to let us know to what address we should ship your gift.

To set up your monthly CSR Angel donation, simply visit our Donate page and select the giving level that’s right for you! Alternatively, we can avoid paying processing fees on your monthly donations when set up as a recurring donation on Facebook or via your employer’s payroll-giving program – many employers will even match your gift! Finally, you can set up a monthly electronic transfer from your bank or mail your monthly membership checks to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin, PO Box 27453, Austin, TX 78755. So many ways to share the love!

Below are the suggested Membership Levels :

  • Protector: $10 – Your donation of $10 per month ($120 annually) can help supply preventative medications for our cocker kids!
  • Guardian: $25 – Your donation of $25 per month ($300 annually) can help provide the initial veterinary exam, vaccinations, and spay/neuter surgery for one adorable cocker spaniel.
  • Hero: $40 – Your donation of $40 per month ($480 annually) can help provide heartworm treatment to one cocker kid in need!
  • Angel: $50 – Your donation of $50 per month ($600 annually) can help cover the cost of a consult visit with a specialty vet for one of our cocker kids in need!
  • Archangel*: $50+ – Your donation of over $50 monthly can help defray the cost of one of the many surgeries that our rescued cockers commonly need (i.e. orthopedic surgery, eye surgery, cardiology services, allergy treatments, etc)*The Archangel level includes any amount over $50/month as determined by the donor.
As always, we thank you for supporting our program and our wonderful rescued cocker kids. We would not be able to do the important work that we do without the support and love of our CSR Angels!!
Sustaining Members (2013-2022)

Janice Ables, Barbara Adams, Emily Adams, Menzie Aikman, Elissa Allen, Deborah Alme, Jessica Arce, Adam Balak, Cindy Banister, Bryan Behr, Rachael Bell, Tanya Bidwell, Carrie Bolen, Anne Bolgert, Lee Caldwell, Natalie Campbell, Carol Canion, Cheryl Chaloupka, Joanna Chicola, Joan Church, Clara Chumney, Phebe Connolly, Janet Council,  Rachel Crafts, Joanna Dubbs, Jeffrey Doehr, Janna Fain, Rebecca Farmer, June Ferris, Anne Fertitta, Richard Finlayson, Melanie Flinn, Will & Mandy Garrahan, Gary & Caryl Gaubatz, Lara George, Barbara Gibson, Don Glasscock, Jennie Good, Sharon Green, Jennifer Griffith, Larry Groah, Jackie Habersham, Janet Hatch, Donna Hector, Patricia Hines, Lara Indrikovs, Kathy Jackson, Mary Jacobson, Connie Keyser, Peggy Kipping, Susan Koppang, Kim Koppenhaver, Michele Landfield, Karen Leef, Mary Luther, Felicia Mazur, Elizabeth McCormick, Rebecca McIntyre, Mark Melikan, Nancy Metcalf, Daniel Mishket, Conna Oram, Kristine Origer, Krystal Owen, Cindy Palmer, Marianne Peck, Cynthia Peralta, Crystal Plemons, Debra Porter, Kate Powers, Christina Reid, Bam Rembert, Brooke Riggan, Fabienne Robin, Susan Roeber, Susan Rogers, Janie Romo, Jacqueline Rowan, Ashley Theriot Sales, Connie Sandburg, Billy Sanders, Holly Sanders, Wallace Sanders, Ben Schneider, Stefanie Seitz-Maverick, John Sepehri, Heather Shaw, Cherri Shelnutt, Katie Simpson, Catherine Smothers, James Spates, Jetta Todaro, Audra Tristan, Elizabeth Vail, Erin Valdez, Brenda Vallance, Iliana Venegas, Frederick Von Oldenburg, Margaret Walsh, Nancy Weiss, Shelley Wert, Hella Westbrook, Memi Whitehead, Andrea Willis, Angela Woods

New Members (2023)

Karan Atkinson, John Federico, Ricki Brady, Kendra Cisson, Debby Zucker, Randall Pannell, Tammy Lee, Lisa Davis, Nicole Barrera, D’Ann Dyer, Celeste Garza, Phil Carter, Dorothy Chambliss, Megan Fescenmeyer, Sarah Hambrick, LD Hansen, Linda LaFever, Gail McPhail, Carol Silva, Tuulia Koponen

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