Adoptable Dogs

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Being a foster for CSRA, it can be a bit of a challenge to bring in a new dog to an already multi-dog household. But not with a girl like Webby. She's a fabulous senior so her personality is already aged to PERFECTION. She's easygoing, loveable, likes to nap A LOT and, even though she is blind, she managed to map out the paths to her favorite soft bed and to the back door to go potty, all within a week. Watching her little nub tail go at dinnertime makes us laugh every day--she can't see you fixing the bowl, but she sure knows it's time to eat! Webby is just so easy to love. She is at least 10 years old and has a few lil ol' lady bumps here and there. Interested in adoption? Approved applicants email us at
Senior, Female, Small