Adoptable Dogs

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When you live with Dash, chances are, you'll wake up with his cold, wet nose 2 inches from your face. This is much preferable to having his other end 2 inches from your face, which is also a distinct possibility, as Dash likes to sleep as close to his human as possible. You will learn to treasure these brief moments because these will be the only moments of your day when Dash is not a) chasing something b) eating something weird c) chasing something weird that he wants to eat. He's a full grown boy, yes, and he's all housetrained and that's lovely, but Dash is, in his heart of hearts: A PUPPY. He plays hard and he loves to tell everyone all about it (he's a talker). Dash would do great with an active family with a yard and probably wouldn't be a great fit for anyone with shared walls (apartments or condos) because of the aforementioned "talking." He loves to play with other dogs! Dash is only about a year to 2 years old but he is already heartworm positive (which will be treated at CSRA expense). Interested in adoption? Please read the following-- we have an application process--you can find that application on our website at We do not adopt outside the state of Texas. You must have an approved application to set up a meeting with a dog--this is done at the foster's discretion. If you have questions regarding the adoption process or a dog in particular, please EMAIL us at Phone calls about specific dogs will not be answered as email is our preferred method of communication. Thank you for your interest!
Young, Male, Small