Adoptable Dogs

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Sweet Senior Sofy. We've said it many times, but blind dogs are just amazing. Once you've seen one totally adapt to a new space within just a matter of days, you can't help but be impressed. Sofy enjoys her meals in her crate and doesn’t mind a treat or two. She also likes to go for walks and loves to feel the wind on her face. She is potty trained, but of course, you'll have to show her where everything is. She likes to know her human is around by listening for your words. She would live her best life in a home where either she's the only or if there's another dog who doesn't try to take toys or steal her food because she doesn’t like that at all! She will "talk" at you to get your attention, but loves to hear your voice so she knows you're listening. Interested in adoption? Already approved applicants can email us at You can find our application on our website!
Senior, Female, Small