Adoptable Dogs

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Zander is a special boy who has some special needs. He is a double merle. Double Merles occur when a breeder attempts to breed two merle dogs together--about 25% of those puppies will inherit the merle gene twice which can cause some birth defects. In Zander's case, he was born deaf and has limited sight (he can see, just not very well). Despite all that, Zander is a precious little boy. Affectionate and loving! He's had some challenges, but tries to adapt as best as he can. He does best when someone can be home with him most of the time and he really finds comfort in a crate if you can't be there. He gets along pretty well with other dogs, but they have to be a little tolerant of his communication skills. Zander takes daily anxiety meds which help him deal with how scary things can be sometimes, not being able to hear or see very well. His ideal family would be able to provide routine and a lot of experience. He is 2 1/2 years old. Interested in adoption? Please read the following-- we have an application process--you can find that application on our website at We do not adopt outside the state of Texas. You must have an approved application to set up a meeting with a dog--this is done at the foster's discretion. If you have questions regarding the adoption process or a dog in particular, please EMAIL us at Phone calls about specific dogs will not be answered as email is our preferred method of communication. Thank you for your interest!
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