Adoptable Dogs

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"Regis' He's a Two-fer! Inside the house, Regis is the calm, sweet, loving and trusting companion who just wants to be by your side, get tummy rubs and treats, and be treated as the special pup that he is. Outside, he becomes SUPER DOG – energized, skedaddling with his waddle, tail wagging and curiously exploring the great outdoors. He loves our ½ mile to mile walks and prefers, like the rest of us, when it's not during the heat of the day. Regis would thrive in a fenced yard where he can exercise and explore. Outside, you would never know that this spunky and frisky cocker just turned 12 in January. His energy and spirit do not reflect his age. He has young eyesight and hearing, too. He grew up with a doggie door and loves to stand by the door, wishing he was outside. To avoid any accidents, a diaper would be a precaution in case he has to wait too long to go outside. Crate trained, he is vocal about being left alone, but relaxes quickly. Regis is a good boy and is looking for that special family that will become his family. Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us at
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