Adoptable Dogs

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When we say "crazy" we mean it with love... Meet Adorable/Adoptable Stuart: Our boy Stuart has an energy level some folks might characterize as... intense? Stuart doesn't have a low gear. He's GO GO GO all the time and when he's going, he's gonna let you know ALLLLL about it. He's a "talker" in that he doesn't do anything quietly--sometimes that means he's growly and vocal with other dogs--he's not aggressive, that's just how he plays--a very rough and tumble boy. Not all dogs like or appreciate that, so while he does get along with others, it takes a patient dog to play with him and his little bulldozer self. The other ways he's a "talker"--he doesn't like to be left alone a whole lot and can make a racket when he is (apartments and condos are definitely not a great idea for this boy). Stuart ADORES toys, will play fetch for hours and he's very puppyish in his actions, meaning, he still does quite a bit of mouthing, even though he's around 2 years old. It goes without saying, he's a gorgeous boy (he's a red sable). Stuart's ideal family would be pretty active themselves and able to provide lots of exercise and enrichment for this little cuckoo head. Interested in adoptions? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us their interest to
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