Adoptable Dogs

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Bob is THAT puppy... You know the one where it's quiet and calm in the house and you suddenly realize it's TOO quiet and calm and you go to find Bob and there he is in another room riding the celing fan like a bronco, trailing 60 feet worth of unrolled toilet paper like his own personal little cyclone. Hurricane Bob. This is only a slight exaggeration (he hasn't figured out how to get on top of the ceiling fan...doesn't mean he hasn't tried). He is smart smart smart and that means he is a HANDFUL. He loves to play and he doesn't care if anything is actually a toy--he'll make it one. Bob is outgoing and hilarious. He's a bit smaller than his brother and will be a pretty small guy when he's fully grown (he's only about 6-7 months old, so still has some filling out to do). When he gets tired at the end of the day, he crashes hard and his favorite thing to do is snuggle up close. It's so cute, it makes you forget all the socks he stole from your clean laundry. Interested in adoption? Interested in adoption? please read the following. Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website at We do not adopt dogs outside of the state of Texas. Arrangements to meet a dog are made only with approved applicants. ALready approved applicants can email us at If you have questions, please EMAIL us, as that is our preferred mode of communication. Phone calls about individual dogs will not be returned. Thank you for your interest in rescue!
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