Adoptable Dogs

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You know, in the interest of full disclosure, we like to tell you if a dog has particular issues, like does that dog bark when left alone or does it have some separation anxiety. So when thinking of what to tell you about Layla, we thought long and hard about whether we should clue you in on her biggest downside personality-wise: She snores like a lumberjack with a headcold. (She says to tell you I'm lying and that's some other dog making that noise that makes the walls shake, but It's YOU, Layla). She's also heartworm positive--boooooo, hisss. She'll have to undergo treatment after she finishes her first round of medication. That will be scheduled this summer at one of our local vets. Her foster mom says that she doesn't mind how long Layla stays because other than the nightly sawmill impersonation and the heartworms, this girl is perfect. She is funny--not really playful but she'll get some zoomies out from time to time and roll in the grass. She's housetrained. She loves everyone and everything, except for maybe her foster brother Bobtail when he's getting on her nerves. She's easy to be around and easy to love. Layla is around 4-5 years old. If you'd like to chat with us more about what heartworm treatment entails or are interested in Layla (and have an approved application), email us at If you don't already have an approved application, you can find that on our website.
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