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Sophie Mae
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We wish we could say they were all happy go lucky dogs, totally content to run and play and lick you in the face but... they're not. Sometimes they're a Sophie Mae: a sensitive soul who's previous life left damage on her ability to trust. Maybe if she had been coddled and cuddled as a young dog she wouldn't be so nervous around humans. But she was in the business of making puppies and didn't get a lot of that. Sophie Mae is a beautiful, sweet, and extremely shy 6year old. We've learned that it takes a very long time for her to trust people, (but she's trying)! While she is extremely skittish with humans, she is very comfortable with other female cocker spaniels (other breeds and male dogs are an unknown right now). Sophie Mae will spend a lot of time in hiding when you meet her, but does enjoy being outside and even chasing a ball. She very much wants to be close to her human, but just doesn't know how to initiate. Soft calls, patience, and a little baby talk seem to comfort her and make her curious enough to stick around. She most likely needs a calm environment with someone who can spend time with her daily, teaching her that humans can be her friend and that she deserved that cuddling all along. She's going to be a "project," sure, but the very best kind. Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us their interest to
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