Adoptable Dogs

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Daphne had sadness in her eyes when she came to us. You can just see this dog had a very difficult life and was awfully neglected. We cleaned her up, took her to a needed vet visit, fed her hot meals and started to poured love into her. Today, Daphne is getting healthy & full of sunshine, she is beautiful, she is comfortable, she is full of love. She follows my kids around where ever they are, plays with them in their playhouse, sleeps with them, and happily explores around the pool as they swim all day. Her human foster sisters want you to know she is really sweet & loving. She is very quiet & happily cuddles anytime. She is completely house trained, completely!!!! She patiently waits for us to take her outside with the pack, travels comfortably & gets along well with a pack of dogs. She has so much life and so much love to give to her forever family. (you can apply to adopt on our website or email us your interest to
Senior, Female, Small