Adoptable Dogs

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All dogs start out as puppies, but it's not every puppy that is equipped with the RPEHA (Ridiculous Puppy Eye Hypnosis Apparatus). This boy knows how to work those eyelashes which comes in handy when he is requesting yet another thing to gnaw on. Gambler is only about 3-4 months old. How do we know this? Because he's got shark teeth, which is what we call the razor sharp things puppies have in their mouth before their adult teeth start erupting at around 4 months of age. Despite the fact that Gambler is entering prime teething phase, he's so easy to direct. Give him a chew bone and he's a happy boy. Hold him in your lap, even happier. He was so shy when he first came to us, we've spent a lot of time doing cuddle therapy which is something he has embraced thoroughly. Now you can't stop the cuddle! This boy has figured out hoomans are his buddies and he's not gonna give that up anytime soon. We know that Gambler is a mix (with what, we don't know), but we can tell you those ears are silky soft, as is the rest of him. He will have some longer fur, when his adult fur starts coming in--we can already tell by the little tufts and swirls he's got on his legs, but it will likely be an easy care coat. He's about 12lbs now which is about what a full cocker might be at this age. Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application. Already approved applicants can email us at
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