Adoptable Dogs

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Meet Leonard and witness 3 rare moments when he was sitting still--we're joking, he sits still plenty when pepperoni are on the line...or a good nap is in order...or if you will let him catch up on The Mandalorian while he hogs the couch. He's a young guy so he definitely has a some energy and an inexplicable need to stalk the dustmop like it's a wild animal--he's learning about leash walking though he doesn't not currently believe he needs a leash (he does). You may notice that Leonard is not a cocker, but he is definitely in the spaniel family-springer? brittany? He's got the long lanky legs, but not the heft. This skinny boy is only 27lbs and needs to put on some weight! This is something Leonard heartily agrees with and suggests you share your sammich. Leonard gets along with other dogs just fine as long as they leave his food alone. Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us at
Young, Male, Medium