Adoptable Dogs

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Lina- aka "the booper." She's so full of personality! We aren't quite sure what exactly Lina is but if you've always wanted a mini Lab with the stout short body of a Corgi with the energy of a herding dog she's your girl. She is a wild child on a leash but don't you worry there, she will stop plenty to drag her belly across the grass to give you time to catch up. She needs an active family to play with, she loves toys balls and shoes. She's a little nester, she likes to fill her kennel and beds with toys galore and any loose socks or shoes. When we first got Miss Lina, we thought she was still just a baby pup, but it turns out, she is likely around a year old. She just still ACTS like a puppy, which is fine by us. Lina isn't just a ball of energy though, she's 100% certified snuggler, tucking into her human because you can never be too close. When she wants attention or just to say hi she loved to Boop your face over and over again. Interested in adoption? our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us their interest to
Young, Female, Small