Adoptable Dogs

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Sweet Jack. Jack’s a precious pudding pup! A chocolatey-sweet loverboy lambchop who's sensitive, but sturdy - he loves all creatures great and small - loves to play, but can be snuggly, too. We haven't had the opportunity to observe his behavior around children. Jack's Stats: * house trained * heartworm negative * 32 lbs * 7.5 years old * total charmer Like many cocker kids, Jack has some health issues that we've been addressing since he came to us in early August after his former owner passed away. He has a cataract in one eye so his vision is somewhat limited on that side. Jack also has a grade 3 heart murmur, experiences occasional seizures, and has a history of recurring ear infections, which we've managed to get under control. His future family just needs to be aware that it's something to stay on top of-- Jack takes daily meds for his heart, allergies, and cataracts. His ears need to be cleaned regularly and closely monitored for recurrence of infection. That said, don't let Jack's health issues keep you from opening your heart and home to this truly wonderful boy... Jack's a real dreamboat who is 100% ready to join his new family - lucky you! If you're interested in adoption, note that our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website. Already approved applicants can email us with their interest to
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