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Adorable & adoptable: Jolene. We know what you're thinking: could a little girl get much cuter? Probably not! And on top of that, this girl is super sweet and gets along great with people and other dogs. And she's very smart! But trust us when we say that Jolene is a sweetheart who needs someone who can look past the cute and understand that because she's spent most of her life having litters of puppies, she didn't get a lot of chances to learn how to DOG. She's starting her current life with some hangups, such as, she reeaallly needs to have a buddy dog, preferably one that is active and can play with her. She needs to be pretty carefully managed when left alone because she figures anything is edible if she can fit it into her mouth. She's got a set of lungs on her and uses them QUITE WELL when she's not happy about something (like you trying to crate her in another room instead of letting her sleep in the bed), so shared wall living situations like apartments or condos aren't going to be ideal for her. Her dream family is going to be one that's patient and willing to work with her, having experience with behavioral training is a plus! We know this all sounds like a lot, but we wouldn't be doing anyone any favors without letting you know that sometimes a cute girl like Jolene is a work in progress--the work can be hard, but the reward is priceless! If you're interested in adopting Jolene, you can email us at Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website.
Adult, Female, Small