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Bourbon came to us a few months ago with some medical issues (yeasty mineralized ears, severe matting), but more concerning: This little guy was born without a kneecap and walked with a significant limp. A knee replacement wasn't possible because there was no bone structure to attach to a new knee. Amputation was considered, but because he went so long without veterinary care, there was damage to the hip on the opposite side. His veterinary team determined that he would benefit best from an orthotic boot that would level out his hips and prevent further damage. After the success of our auction, we got him that boot. He's been fitted and is now learning to adapt with it. He still runs and jumps and plays around with his foster siblings. There's still a chance he might need hip surgery in the future, but for now, this magic boot helps him move around without the pain he had basically gotten used to and without causing further stress to the other hip. Personality wise--you don't get much sweeter than this boy. He loves everyone including women, men, children, and other dogs. He has had full reign of the house at foster mommy's (he does not tolerate a crate and frankly, has never needed one) as he is completely house trained. He loves playing & rough-housing with his similar aged foster brother, and loves cuddling with his foster sisters. And he doesn’t limit his snuggles to just dogs - this boy could win cuddle awards! It really says something that even when he was in pain and discomfort, he managed to be an absolute angel. There’s really nothing but greatness in this boy! And would you look at him! He’s GORGEOUS! Bourbon is a year and 8mths old. Interested in adoption? our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on Already approved applicants can email us at
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