Adoptable Dogs

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Rolo would like very much to say HI, right up in your face because he's fun, sweet and kissy. HI THERE, HI. Wait, isn't Rolo a Springer Spaniel? No! He's actually a gorgeous cocker/labrador retriever. He's less than a year old and he's a strapping youngster at 38lbs. You might have noticed he's got the cute puppy look down pat which also comes with puppy energy included. Luckily, he's also a great snuggler. He loves to nap and chew his rope toy just as much as he loves to run around, so Rolo would do great in a medium to high-activity household. He would love a yard to run around and play fetch in (yes, he plays fetch!). He would probably love a buddy to play with too! He's pretty much housetrained, you just have to watch if he starts to pace or go to the front door, because he's trying to tell you he's gotta GO, mom! Currently, we're working on leash training and not jumping up to say hi to every dog we see on walks. He knows sit, stay, "no!" and we're learning "shake". The great thing about Rolo is he wants to learn, so with some time and training, he's gonna be even more awesome than he already is! Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on our website at Already approved applicants can email us with their interest!
Baby, Male, Medium