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Adoptable Dogs

Golden Graham
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We sure do love a good transformation story and fortunately, we get the opportunity to be a part of lots of those... like Golden Graham for instance. This darling guy came to us at the beginning of February emaciated, with a HUGE hernia causing him issues (some "before" pix included). He's since gotten surgery for the hernia and lots of regular meals. We've learned he LOVES regular meals (it's his fave). He's is a very calm dog…until the food comes out. When he was first taken in, being as hungry as he was, he would go bonkers at meal or treat time, but he's learned since that the food will keep coming, so he's settled down. This calm sweet guy is about 7 years old. We believe he is a cocker/golden retriever mix--after putting on a bit of weight, he's a little over 30lbs. We think he has a little bit more weight to gain, so will likely be in the 35-40lbs range. Graham walks well on a leash and has already learned his new name. He seems to be a quick learner and is eager to please. He gets along very well with other dogs and the family cat in his foster home. He is very playful but has not shown much interest in toys or playing fetch. He loves playing with other dogs and people. He's still got a little bit of a row to hoe in that he is heartworm positive which will be treated at CSRA expense. Golden Graham (Graham) is a sweetheart of a boy looking for a loving home with plenty of activity mixed plenty of relaxing sofa time. Sounds pretty perfect to us! Interested in adoption? Our adoptions require an approved application which you can find on http://www.austincockerrescue.org/adoption-application/ Applicants with an already approved application can email us at woof@austincockerrescue.org
Adult, Male, Medium
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