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Adoptable Dogs

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Who needs a house elf?? YOU DO! Meet Dobby. Dobby (Harry Potter) our little house puppy. Dobby LOVES other adult dogs, he will need a sibling that can tolerate the want to kiss faces and engage in play. He has been an independent guy but is slowing finding out that a good chest rub is just as satisfying as a good zoom. And he loves to zoom! Don't let his hostage face full you Dobby is a happy boy with beautiful almost merle like markings in many shades of cream. As a reminder, this little group were born on 4/30. Their mama is all cocker spaniel, so they are all at least 50% cocker spaniel. Dad was a dachshund, chihuahua mixy mix (with some other breeds thrown in for fun). if you are interested in adoption, you will need to fill out an application on our website. Already approved applicants EMAIL us at woof@austincockerescue.org
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