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Adoptable Dogs

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Hedwig (Harry Potter) to talk about Hedi I feel I need to share something special with you about this litter. They possess the S Locus gene which makes many of them classified as the color, Piebald. Hedi is special in that she is an extreme white piebald, having almost 100% of her body have no color, even her eye lashes are white. It also gives her the most stunning blue eyes. Hedwig doesn't know she's one of a kind in this litter though. She loves to zoom and explore and get into mischief (with Thomas J). She's also discovered she loves snuggling and will step away from the pack to come get a good cuddle or cry for a bed sleep. Hedwig loves the outside and will make a great hiking and possibly even a water dog but because of her lack of coloring, needs an owner who will be conscience of sunburns and let her wear a light tee to protect her skin. Interested in adoption? our adoptions require an approved application. You can find that application at austincockerrescue.org along with information about adoption fees and policies. We do not adopt outside of the state of Texas. If you have questions or are an approved applicant, you can email us at woof@austincockerrescue.org
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