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Adoptable Dogs

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Adorable & adoptable: Wilson. We know, he's gorgeous, right? But if you look REAL close, you can see in these pictures that Wilson has two Little Wilsons on either shoulder. One has little horns and a pitchfork and it keeps whispering "You should DEFINITELY bite that" and the other has a little Wilson with wings that answers "But remember, you like treats & snuggles" It is a daily, constant battle between good and evil within Wilson's tiny little walnut head. He wants very badly to be a good boy, and 95% he's the little Wilson with Wings, but we're not gonna lie: that little Wilson with Horns has got some staying power. Wilson is not quite six months old so he's still just a baby--he's got so much time to learn! He's incredibly (almost scarily so), off the charts Smarty Pants--He watches you and listens intently--he picks things up really quickly, which is a great thing because training is what's going to be his saving grace. Given consistency and loving direction, Wilson is learning that little tantrums about being picked up or having a low threshhold for physical play (wrestling) are not things that Very Good Boys do. (To be clear, Wilson does not and has never bitten. He just likes to make you think he's considering it if pushed past his limits.). It's taking some time, but he's getting there--he really just has so much potential. We really feel like it's critical that we make sure he goes to a family that will want to continue training and working with him . Wilson LOVES being around other dogs and he would love to have a big brother or sister that can continue to show him the ropes. His ideal family is going to be very dog savvy--he's not a "we're first time pet owners" kinda guy. He's not a great fit for families with small kids or where small kids come visit. He IS a great fit for a family that recognizes that sometimes cute little boy pups have those competing Wilsons on each shoulder and they just need to encourage him to listen to the right one. Interested in being Wilson's family? Our adoptions require an approved application. You can find that application on our website at austincockerrescue.org Already approved applicants can email us at woof@austincockerrescue.org
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