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Alums Charlie (fka McLovin) and Bowie (fka Smokey)

Charlie (fka McLovin) and Bowie (fka Smokey) getting ready for the Star Wars Episode VIII casting call. Who needs CGI when you have these two alumni from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio to play R2-D2 and BB-8?!The boys are doing great! Charlie McLovin’s 30 days of rest following the heartworm treatment is up soon. He’s looking forward to getting to play outside in a few days.We are amazed at how much more active Bowie has become since we first brought him home. He’s definitely come out of his shell and has been running and pouncing around the apartment and the dog park.Charlie Mclovin has mischievously been helping Bowie develop/refine his bark and the two take pride in alerting us whenever another furry friend is in the vicinity.

~ Chris & Paul

Charlie and Bowie

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