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Alums Pumkin & Missy

Happy New Year! from alums Pumkin & Missy in Alaska!

Pumkin continues to get more of a personality each day. She bounces up and down in the morning run back and forth to us wanting to play chase around the house. Missy is her same ole mischievous self getting in to everything she can and carrying it out into the yard then coming back to grab something else. She should work for a moving company smile emoticon lol. They both wear a short haircut in winter to keep the snow from balling up in their fur, then we put on their jackets and off we go!

They are both happy and healthy. The only issue is that Missy’s knee continues to dislocate, but the Vet in TX showed me how to relocate it and it seems to be taking care of the discomfort. She has been evaluated for it and until it really becomes a problem with ambulation, the vet encourages us to just relocate it and limit her time in soft snow. Other than that, all is well here. Please enjoy the pictures. Happy New Year to you and your organization.

~ Marcie


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