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Beckett-2 Beckett-4 Beckett Beckett3

Beckett is big lovable lug of a guy who is perfect in a crate and very good in the house. He’s an extremely lovable dog, excellent with his house training habits, loves riding in the car, and likes short walks but does pull on the leash. Beckett is one of the most loving cockers I have ever been around; he wants to be with his people 24/7.

Beckett is happy to rest at your side for long periods of time. He knows sit, does not bolt out the door, comes when called, does not bark a lot except at buzzards. Beckett is a food hound and is very responsive to treats as rewards for good behavior or to keep his attention on you. He has been good with all visitors to the home; greets them and then lays down.

Beckett likes to take his time to get to know new dogs and doesn’t like them in his personal space. He is respectful to the family cat. The groomer has never had any issues with Beckett but the vet does muzzle him to examine. ~ Menzie, foster mom Beckett has CHF and hip dysplasia and his medications run about $100 monthly. He is about 40 lbs and 8-9 years old. He qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors adoption program.

Updated 11/17/15

Yes, I am an Enduring Love Program Dog.

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