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Brodie-2 Brodie-3 Brodie-4 Brodie-5 Brodie

Hello Texas peeps! My name is Bodie & unlike some of these furbies, I am the Independent type. My family left me alone much of the time & I had to learn to fend for myself. Eventually they just gave me to my vet who thought a hunk like me deserved a second chance at love. So here I am on this dating site looking for someone not afraid of a commitment. You don’t have to be moDogamous. I don’t mind if you have other dogs.

I’m not possessive; in fact, I don’t pay much attention to toys because I never had any. I’m 13 years young and would love a little pillow to call my own. I should probably tell you that I have Cushings, but I don’t need any medication yet. The world hasn’t been kind to me so far, but I’m optimistic that my certain someone is out there searching for me. Who wants to love a lonely little guy in his golden years?

Updated 11/30/15 

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