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Charlie Tucker

Charlie Tucker is a handsome, energetic young guy who loves to run and fetch. He enjoys obedience work and is very food motivated during training. Jogging with him is a pleasure because of his enthusiasm, and he stops to mark infrequently. Hiking is probably his favorite activity, especially scrambling up boulders on the greenbelt and searching for ground squirrels. He’s house trained, uses a dog door, and loves his toys and chew bones. Charlie’s easy-care coat shrugs off burs and tangles, and could need professional grooming as little as twice a year. Baths are easy, and he is a willing and calm bather, both indoors and out.

Charlie’s early life experiences have left him with some anxiety. This has lessened dramatically during his stay in foster care, and he is very good at comforting himself with Kongs, chew bones, and a rope tug toy. He’s wary of strangers, small children, and major changes in his environment. Once Charlie trusts you, you have a true friend for life. He is loyal, trustworthy, and affectionate. His combination of character traits make him an excellent watch dog and companion.

Date Adopted:
Thursday, February 25, 2016
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