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Fiona-2 Fiona-3 Fiona

Fiona wanted to let everyone know her thoughts on having been rescued by Cocker Rescue of Austin/San Antonio:
1. I’ve learned what it feels like to be safe from abuse and neglect.
2. I’ve learned that I will always be fed twice a day and have all the water I can drink.
3. That many people actually love black dogs
4. That many people love senior dogs.
5. Even though I can’t see or hear that well, life is wonderful.
6. I’ve learned to come up for love pats.
7. I’ve learned how to wag my stump of a tail, and it happens often now.
8. I’ve learned that every treat is not for me, and I have to wait my turn.
9. I’ve learned that standing in front of my foster mom and barking incessantly does not get me extra food.
10. I know what I’m out there for when my foster mom takes me outside.
11. I’ve been told my fur is as soft as a rabbit’s.
12. I like the company of people, dogs and cats.
13. Children are not afraid of me, nor am I afraid of them when they are gentle.
14. I’ve learned that monthly injections for arthritis keep me feeling good.

Thank you again, Cocker Rescue!Fiona Fiona is about 10 years young and would love to find a special home where she and be doted upon.

Updated 10/6/14

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