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Floppy (AKA Mr. Dooney) is Cocker Spaniel mixed with love bug! He’s about 10 years young and we’ll say that he and I share a birthday- March 11. The amazing Doonardo is a svelte and fit 27 lbs. Dooney loves everyone and everything–including the 3 stray cats my mother feeds. He enjoys cuddling, extended sniffing while on walks, cuddling, affectionate greetings, cuddling, sleeping on the couch, cuddling, doggie kisses, and cuddling. Dooney’s on a 50% beef/chicken protein 50% carb diet due to kidney problems. When I first started fostering him he would only eat beef or chicken. Now he loves mango, pita bread, carrots, yogurt and peaches. Dooney does not like being asked to move from the couch. He’s so even tempered I haven’t discovered anything else he dislikes. He does bark at people or objects that move very quickly but once he gets close to them he wiggles his butt and loves them. He loves being on the bed, the couch and every so often the tile portion of the floor.  ~ foster dad, Steve

Date Adopted:
Friday, May 24, 2013


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