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My foster mom calls me butter bean or bug because I am so darn cute and little. I’m housebroken; in fact I can hold it forever and I don’t chew at all. It is true that I am a bit older than some of those young pups, and I have the manners to prove it. I don’t bark and I bide my time either laying under my Daddy’s desk or on my mommy’s lap. Right now I have quite a few meds and I have to wear the “cone of silence” but I lay still and take it like a lady and never complain. When they are gone, I mostly sleep and I never get into any trouble. Seriously, if you have a quiet lifestyle and are looking for a best friend—I’ve been waiting for you. I won’t be at the meet and greet but if you want to meet me, let CRSA know and it can be arranged. My foster mom said I’m the best doggie she ever fostered and that’s saying a lot – she’s helped more than 70 little fur friends find forever homes.  XOXOXO, Nellie

Date Adopted:
Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nellie Adoption Photo.jpg Nellie cocker stance.jpg dog_nellie.jpg

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