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Peanut-2 Peanut-3 Peanut

Hey! Peanut here. I’ve been homeschooling with Mr. and Mrs. Foster for 3 weeks now. They want to share my progress report. I am Satisfactory in everything except reading. It turns out that I can’t see a dang thing! I am totally blind. I’m good at math though. I can count to 5, the number of stairs down to the yard. I do my business outside like a good girl unless the Fosters forget to take me out.

Lunch and recess are my favorite subjects. I’m a good eater and I walk well on the leash. I love my new squeaky ball and will play with it by myself or with the Fosters. I am training them to be my seeing eye people. They like to cuddle with me and hold me on their lap. I think the Foster brothers are a little jealous. I can’t help it I’m so darned cute!

I slipped up a little bit in Citizenship and got an S-. Generally, I get along with everybody and don’t talk during class. However, I got in trouble at the last place because they had a toddler that kept bumping into me. So, you see, my next place can’t have any little children. I would rather have another dog for me to follow around.

TTYL Peanut Peanut is a 9 year old cockapoo weighing 16 pounds and fostering in San Antonio. If you want a pretty little pup to dress up and carry around, Peanut’s your girl!

Updated 3/3/16

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