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Pupdate Hunter

This past year has flown by! My sweet Hunter has settled in with us nicely and gets along great with the family dogs. He is quick to train and learn, and will do whatever it takes to get a treat. My favorite “trick” from him is when he gives me “hugs”. He discovered a few months ago that he can reach up to the counter top by standing on his hind legs, so we learned quickly that all food and paper has to stay away from the edges! I haven’t had a cocker before that loved to eat and destroy paper as much as he does (including two $20 bills a couple of weeks ago), but where would the adventure be if he didn’t keep us on our toes? He is still a cuddler and always wants to be by my side – following me all around the house and sitting or laying down at my feet if I stay in one place long enough. Hunter tolerates grooming fairly well, but the groomer has told us that he can be very stubborn when he is done (in his opinion). Hunter still gets nervous around new people, so I warn them to be cautious and explain “his rules” to them when they first meet. (Let him approach and smell, and don’t try to pet him right away.) It may take a few meetings, but after that he remembers and accepts the new person.I can’t begin to express the joy and love that he has brought into both Mark’s and my life. Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin/San Antonio did an amazing job matching us with him!

(added 01/21/16)


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