Bourbon’s Story

Meet Bourbon, an 18-month-old chocolate boy surrendered to us by his previous owners — backyard breeders who couldn’t sell him because of his multiple health issues. He came to us with a crusty nose, icky ears, and a birth defect that caused him to walk with a significant limp.

Bourbon was born without a patella or condyles on the hind left leg. He gets around with a funny little scamper and, normally, a dog like Bourbon would be a candidate for knee replacement surgery. But in this case, without enough structure in the leg to do the necessary attachments, there’s not a viable surgical option for him

Amputation was also considered, but because the lack of vet care for so long caused damage and arthritis to the opposite hip and a hip replacement may be necessary in the future, amputation was not a good option for him either. 

So, we took a novel approach. Bourbon would get a “boot.” He was fitted with a very special orthotic device to balance his gait and allow some relief to the damaged hip. Bourbon is slowly getting acclimated to the boot and will eventually wear it 12 hours a day.

Here we have a gentle, beautiful chocolate nougat who despite being neglected for so long, is still is a loving soul and deserves the best care we are able to provide. 

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