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Rusty and Wynn’s Story

by Anne B.

Rusty and Wynn were adopted and adored, living a happy life together until their human mom and dad both got sick and passed away within a short time of one another. The family reached out to us and surrendered them back in February 2022. Upon their return, CSRA made sure they received all the medical care needed to get them ready for adoption. At 11 years old, they were bonded to one another and I, as their foster mom, decided they should remain together. They had been through a tough time and deserved to find a home that would take both of them. Knowing how hard it can be to find a home for just one senior dog, I was prepared to foster them together for however long it would take to find a home for two. Imagine my surprise when in early May an adoption application from a couple wanting both of them was sent my way to review! This couple had adopted a senior foster of mine several years ago and I knew they were a perfect match. I was confident that they would give these boys a great home. Rusty and Wynn have new names now (Trusty and Winslow) and are living their very happy forever after.

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