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Rusty and Wynn’s Story

by Anne B. Rusty and Wynn were adopted and adored, living a happy life together until their human mom and dad both got sick and passed away within a short time of one another. The family reached out to us and surrendered them back in February...

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Caleb and Tim’s Story

Caleb (adopted in 2017) and Tim (adopted in 2019) returned to CSRA after their loving adoptive dad passed away in the summer of 2022. While the circumstances surrounding their return were very sad, both boys returned to their original foster moms...

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Bentley’s Story

Sweet Bentley, formerly known as Corduroy was adopted back in 2017 and was much loved by his mom for five years, until the time came that she herself needed to move into an assisted living facility and could not take him with her. Her trusted...

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Koe’s Story

by Rebecca P. I was babysitting for Koe while his regular foster family was out of town. When he came to us on Sunday, he was a was a happy-go-lucky, tail wagging, booty bumping guy – but the next day was a very different story…...

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Josie’s Story

by Lee H. This is Josie. In many respects, she’s the same as any other sassy cocker girl who’s got a penchant for treats and a tendency to let her people know when it’s been too long since she’s been fed. But Josie...

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